Shakesperience Productions, In

A Voice of Leadership, Thought & Action, Onstage & Off

Mission & Approach



Shakesperience educates and inspires students, families, and theatre professionals through the arts in order to explore social constructs and foster mutual respect for all people. Shakesperience creates innovative, interactive, thought-provoking live theatre programs rooted in classical literature by focusing on the dynamic relationship between the artist and the audience.  



Whether teaching children, or rehearsing to perform for our diverse audience, the Shakesperience Approach focuses on creating thought provoking, socially aware, and artistically excellent productions celebrating and using language to create action. Individual performers develop a defined sense of self through the creation of and interaction with a strong and positive ensemble. Both actor and audience utilize their unique relationship to experience a heightened sense of reflection on the performance. Shakesperience Productions' professional artists create curriculum-based programming rooted in classical literature while celebrating, examining, and experiencing humanity and human experience. Continuously, we strive to work alongside educators to answer the social and academic needs of today's student.